Cyrus Hurley co-founded HitsTech (HITS) alongside his business partner, Sandra Loftin, back in 2007. In addition to offering solutions for Wifi, VoIP, IT infrastructure, and data backup and recovery, the firm has developed its own data center in Hickory, North Carolina. Through HitsTech Cyrus works alongside major IT hardware and software vendors who have partnered with the firm, including Microsoft, Citrix, Dell, Symantec, VMware, CDW Corporation (for which HitsTech is an integrator), and Cisco.

Cyrus’ first professional role in IT was as a Network Engineer for the US Army Reserve 108th Division in 1999. His acumen and achievements earned him the designation of Information Systems Operator-Analyst Military Occupational Specialty by the United States Signal Center at Fort Gordon, GA.

Cyrus has also been the Director of Information Technology for Ashe, North Carolina since 2001.